The use of Lime Mortars with Traditional Brickwork & Masonry



October 1 2014 • 2.00pm
to 4.30pm


Jo Kendall 01133 899870


BDP, 1 North Bank, S3 8JY, Sheffield


£85 + VAT

£15 + VAT

£59 + VAT


£85 + VAT

£15 + VAT

£59 + VAT

The seminar will provide insight into the use of lime mortars within traditional brickwork and masonry and will be split into the following sections:

 Part 1: Background and context

  • The context & historical perspective of the use of lime mortars and secondary & contemporary sources.
  • Summary of lime manufacture, commercial lime types, identification, natures, uses & site practices

 Part 2: Assessment of the building - materials, methods and construction

  • Identifying historic mortar joints & pointing in brick & masonry, natures of materials & styles of craftsmanship.
  • Identifying examples of causes of failures and factors that could affect the survival of traditional brick and masonry work

 Part 3: Sampling, selection of materials, gauging and mixing lime mortars  for use with brick & masonry

  • Suggested lime mortar sampling methodology.
  • Selection of materials, gauging & mixing
  • Mixing and usage.

 Part 4: Case studies and problems associated with working with  contractors

  • Some case studies of the use of lime mortars in brickwork & masonry
  • Tools, equipment and glossary of terms used
  • Some considerations associated with working with lime on site

 Speaker: Terrence Lee BA (Hons) MA, Terrence Lee Conservation        Terrence is a craftsman, tutor and lecturer specialising in the history, use and  conservation of traditional brickwork. Qualified as a City & Guilds Advanced  Craft Bricklayer with experience in construction projects around the world as a  Royal Engineer, Terrence went on to gain an honours degree in history and  later a Master's Degree in Historic Environment Conservation.

 Terrence delivers training and lecturing for a variety of heritage conservation  organisations including Heritage Craft Alliance, Heritage Skills Hub and the  Ironbridge Institute. He has lectured at the Brick Development Association and  delivered the RIBA CPD lectures on the Conservation of Old Brickwork in  2013. Terrence's training and lecturing is underpinned by his own practical  work and by his work with architects and other conservation professionals on  traditional brick buildings.

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