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Recognising race, ethnicity, religion, and beliefs

RIBA celebrates and recognises race, ethnicity, religion, and beliefs.

Black History Month: why practices should engage more with grassroots movements, October 2023 (RIBAJ)
RIBA has been celebrating Black History Month during October with a theme of ‘saluting our sisters’ and showcasing the contributions that black female architects have made to the profession.

Let’s all "be more Rosa," says RIBA CEO to mark Black History Month, October 2023
Hear from RIBA Chief Executive Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick MBE as we celebrate the Black History Month 2023 theme, saluting our sisters.

RIBA celebrates Black History Month 2022, October 2022
Find out how RIBA celebrated Black History Month 2022. Sharing previously untold stories from our RIBA Collections, as well as looking to the future, with a note from RIBA’s President, Muyiwa Oki.

Celebrating Black History Month: a reading list, October 2022
A selection of publications from RIBA’s wide range of library resources, highlighting the contributions, achievements and work of Black professionals in the built environment, both in the UK and internationally.

Who was the first Black RIBA Member?
This is a question we’d like to be able to answer more definitively. In this article, our RIBA Collections team share their approach to answering it, signpost to RIBA Library and Collections sources that inform their research, and explore why some questions remain unanswered.

How to be a better ally, 21 April 2022
Practical steps on how we can all be better allies to those from underrepresented racialised groups – supporting our shared goal to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

RIBA Honorary Fellow LionHeart creates new film on race and architecture
An introduction on film on race and architecture by RIBA Honorary Fellow Rhael 'LionHeart' Cape.

RIBA funds new bursary programme to boost equality and racial diversity in architecture, September 2021
On what would have been Stephen Lawrence’s 47th birthday, we were honoured to announce the new collaboration between the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation and The London School of Architecture.

RIBA signs Halo Code to protect against racial discrimination
The RIBA has signed the Halo Code – the UK’s first Black hair code – to protect the rights of staff who come to work with natural hair and protective hairstyles associated with their racial, ethnic, and cultural identities.

RIBA and the Halo Code
Read more about the Halo Code. The Halo Code was developed by the Halo Collective and brings together organisations and schools who have made a commitment to work towards creating a future without hair discrimination.

Gender pay gap guidance
As part of our commitment to support a diverse and inclusive profession, we have published guidance for architecture practices on closing the gender pay gap.

"This Dilemma": Collecting and constraints at the RIBA
Shaping of RIBA Collections, to consider what absences and silences they might be defined by.

RIBA Books:

Courage Togobo, Rory Westmaas, and Kuok Choo Soo with their competition-winning model, 1961
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