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Crawley Library

​Penoyre & Prasad
Competition | Past

​Crawley Library & Civic Offices

This civic building provides a range of services including a central library, register office and administrative and social services accommodation.

Invited Education and Health

Penoyre & Prasad were selected as winners of the competition.

Facing onto a public square, the four-storey building has a timeless glass and stone façade. Each floor cantilevers slightly over the level below, creating a gentle overhang that shelters and shades the south and west facades.

Designed for sustainability and comfort, the building has a high thermal mass, controlled daylighting, a sophisticated mix-mode ventilation system and a biomass boiler, which have all contributed to the achievement of a BREEAM rating of Very Good.

  • 2010 RIBA Awards
  • 2009 West Sussex Design and Sustainability Awards 'Overall Winner'
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