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​Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the RIBA changed its website?

  • So our users, especially our members, can find the things they need most often, quicker and easier
  • To begin replacing the limited and outdated technology behind our website
  • To allow people to better understand what the RIBA can offer them

What is a beta?

  • Our website is ‘in beta’ - an imperfect, first publicly available version of our website our users can test
  • This means the site may be rough around the edges in some areas, but we will continually improve and shape the site based on comments we receive
  • Help us develop the site by feeding back in our online survey

Where do I find…

The guide below shows where you can now find some of the most popular content and services.

Some sections contain a filter to let you sort content by categories such as date or subject.

Stuck? Try the search that is available in the main menu at the top of every page.

New locations of our most popular content:

Subject: Architecture courses (UK)
What to click: Education, CPD & Careers > RIBA Validation > RIBA Validated courses in the UK

Architecture courses (international)
Education, CPD & Careers > RIBA Validation > RIBA Validated courses worldwide

In the footer, visit Campaigns & Policy > Brexit

Awards & Competitions > Competitions

CDM regulations
Knowledge & Resources > Resources

CPD recording
Login > CPD > Login again > My Membership > Record My CPD

CPD (about)
Education, CPD & Careers > CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

CPD (events)
What's On

Events (general)
What's On

What's On

Find an Architect
Or Working with an Architect

RIBA Chartered Practices can update their entry here:
Login > Manage practice details > Login again > My Membership

Funding your studies
Education, CPD & Careers > How to become an architect

Information about the RIBA (eg contacting or visiting us)
Follow the links in the footer at the bottom of every page

Find architecture jobs by going directly to

Library (including opening hours)
In the footer under Contact
Or Visit the RIBA, select The RIBA Library

Library (catalogue search)
In the footer under Contact or Visit the RIBA, select The RIBA Library > Search the catalogue

Members' area
The member’s area is available via a new ‘Dashboard’ - (see below)

Membership information (including benefits)
Click the Join button in the top right of every page

Regional news, CPD news, student news and other updates can be found under Knowledge & Resources > Knowledge

Part 3 resources
Education, CPD & Careers > Studying Architecture > RIBA Part 3 > RIBA Part 3 Candidate Login
Or directly:

Education, CPD & Careers > Studying Architecture > Apply for RIBA PEDR mentoring and monitoring

RIBA Pension
In the footer, under Business Services select RIBA Pension

RIBA Plan of Work
Knowledge & Resources > Resources

Press releases
In the footer, select Press Office

Explore Architecture > featured link
Or directly at

RIBA Board
In the footer, visit About the RIBA > RIBA Board

RIBA Council
In the footer, visit About the RIBA > RIBA Council

RIBA Crest and logos
Knowledge & Resources > Resources (filter by format = 'Template')

Regional offices
All listed in the footer

Renew membership
Chartered Members:
Login > Renew Chartered Practice membership(s) for 2017

Chartered Practices:
Login > Chartered Practice Services > Login again > Renew your 2017 RIBA Chartered Practice now

Stirling Prize
Awards & Competitions > Awards > Stirling Prize

Studying architecture
Education, CPD & Careers > studying architecture

Update my personal details
Login > CPD recording > Login again > My Membership > Manage My Details

Update my practice details
Login > CPD recording > Login again > My Membership > Manage My Chartered Practice Details

In the footer, select Work for us

What has happened to the members’ area?

  • We have started the process of decommissioning our old members’ area and will be gradually replacing the digital services inside it. This is a complex task so please bear with us (it will take time until we can replace it in it’s entirety)
  • If you are a member, when you log in to with your existing login and password, you will see a new ‘Dashboard’:

Members Dashboard

Your dashboard provides links to:

  • member resources such as the RIBA Crest & logos and Chartered Practice handbook
  • new online services - such as Renew Chartered Membership
  • older online services within our old member’s area - such as Update my details, Record my CPD and Renew Chartered Practice Membership

To access services within the old members’ area you will need to login a second time. We're still working on this part of the site, and apologise for the inconvenience while we create a better experience.

Member-only resources

Some resources within the Resources section of the site are available to all, others are only available to RIBA members. Members will need to log in to access these.

Resources may be restricted to:

  1. Chartered Members - includes: individual chartered members, retired members etc.
  2. Chartered Practices - includes: main contact within a practice, or another designated contact
  3. All members - includes: all RIBA members, regardless of membership type

I've forgotten my password

What's gone?

  • Fee calculator - we are currently reviewing this tool. A legacy version (issued prior to the RIBA Plan of Work 2013) is available on request from
  • Past award winners - more detailed information about past winners will be added gradually after go live
  • International registration - we are currently reviewing this information


We'd love to know what you think of the improvements we're making to the site. If you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for, our friendly staff are on hand to help.

If you have any feedback, or want to participate in future research sessions, take our short survey.

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