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RIBA4962Garage in rue de Ponthieu, Paris

RIBA4971Garage in rue de Ponthieu, Paris

RIBA5895Auguste Perret

RIBA7120Town Hall, Le Havre

RIBA8041Esders clothing factory, 75-77 Avenue Philippe-Auguste, Paris

RIBA9589Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Paris

RIBA9597Notre Dame, Le Raincy

RIBA9937Hotel de Ville, Le Havre

RIBA9938St Joseph Church, Le Havre

RIBA14126Mobilier National, Paris: the entrance

RIBA14127Musee des Travaux Publics, Ile de France, Paris

RIBA17973Church of Notre Dame, Le Raincy, Paris

RIBA70534Aghion residence, Alexandria: the dining room

RIBA70535Aghion residence, Alexandria: the hall and staircase

RIBA70536Aghion residence, Alexandria: the sitting room

RIBA70607St Therese, Montmagny: the nave from the altar

RIBA70608St Therese, Montmagny: the nave

RIBA70612Notre Dame, Le Raincy

RIBA70663Apartment block, 51-55 rue Raynouard, Paris 16

RIBA70664Apartment block, 51-55 rue Raynouard, Paris 16

RIBA74222Mobilier National, Paris: the courtyard

RIBA91683Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Paris: the studio theatre

RIBA91684Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Paris: the main entrance

RIBA93693House and studio of Mela Muter, Paris, showing the artist painting Auguste Perret

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