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RIBA13546Albert Memorial Clock Tower, Hastings: view of the town centre looking towards the castle on the hill

RIBA47566Breeds Place, Hastings

RIBA47564Breeds Place, Hastings: iron balcony detail

RIBA47565Breeds Place, Hastings: iron balcony detail

RIBA48692Church of St Mary in the Castle, Pelham Crescent, Hastings: the church cut into the face of the cliff rock at the centre of the crescent overlooking the seafront

RIBA17684Church of the Holy Trinity, Hastings

RIBA47563Corner of Pelham Crescent and Breeds Place, Hastings

RIBA83090Development of houses to be erected on the Crown Estate, Hastings: plan and section

RIBA38897Fishing boats and carts on the beach at Hastings

RIBA80310Hastings Pier, Hastings

RIBA38898High Street, Hastings

RIBA31496Pelham Buildings and the Church of St-Mary-in-the-Castle, Pelham Crescent, Hastings: perspective view from Pelham Place

RIBA31497Proposed new square, crescent and terraces, Warrior's Gate, Valley of Gensing, Hastings: perspective view of housing arranged around a green, with a church in the centre background, viewed from the sea

RIBA38896'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings

RIBA19047'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings

RIBA17258'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings

RIBA2660-15'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings

RIBA50740'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings

RIBA50741'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings

RIBA17458'Skyscraper' fishermen's sheds, the Stade, Hastings: detail of the doors

RIBA60552St Mary Star of the Sea, High Street, Hastings

RIBA31494St Mary's Lodge, Hastings, property of Reverend Thomas Vores: perspective view

RIBA36182Survey plan for a proposed new crescent in Hastings

RIBA31495The Albert Memorial Clock Tower, Hastings: perspective view with surrounding buildings



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