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RIBA3978Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): view from the west

RIBA13959Amphitheatre, Nimes

RIBA13972Amphitheatre, Arles

RIBA15887Amphitheatre, Epidauros, Peloponnese

RIBA25067Amphitheatre, Festival of Britain, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, London

RIBA25068Amphitheatre, Festival of Britain, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, London: the stage


RIBA28240Amphitheatre, Pola (Pula)

RIBA28241Amphitheatre, Pola (Pula)

RIBA28242Amphitheatre, Pola (Pula)

RIBA28243Amphitheatre, Pola (Pula)

RIBA28244Amphitheatre, Pola (Pula)

RIBA28245Amphitheatre, Pola (Pula)

RIBA31707Amphitheatre at Pozzuoli and fishpond at Bacoli, both near Naples

RIBA55407Amphitheatre, Epidauros, Peloponnese

RIBA55504Amphitheatre of Italica, Santiponce

RIBA58809Amphitheatre, Arles

RIBA95427Amphitheatre, Nimes: perspective

RIBA95428Amphitheatre, Nimes: elevation of five exterior bays

RIBA95429Amphitheatre, Nimes: section

RIBA95430Amphitheatre, Nimes: plan of five bays

RIBA95448Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): perspective of the walls of the arena

RIBA95449Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): details

RIBA95451Amphitheatre, Nimes: details of column base, capital and entablature

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