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RIBA6142Approach of the simoon (or wind storm) near the Sphinx in the desert at Giza

RIBA13528Arch of Caligula, Vico di Mercurio, Pompeii

RIBA13826Acropolis and the Temple of Hephaestus, Athens

RIBA15332Apadana, Persepolis: detail of relief on staircase

RIBA15333Achaemenid royal tomb, Naqsh-i-Rustam

RIBA15887Amphitheatre, Epidauros, Peloponnese

RIBA25616A corner shop with nearby pedestrian crossing, Pompeii

RIBA55407Amphitheatre, Epidauros, Peloponnese

RIBA55504Amphitheatre of Italica, Santiponce

RIBA65653Agora, Cnidus (Knidos): the plan

RIBA65654Agora, Cnidus (Knidos): partial elevation of one of the porticos

RIBA65655Agora, Cnidus (Knidos): the Doric order of the columns

RIBA65657Agora, Cnidus (Knidos): details of the Doric order

RIBA65660Agora, Cnidus (Knidos): details of three pedestals

RIBA65662Agora, Aphrodisias (Geyre): partial elevation of the Portico of Tiberius

RIBA65663Agora, Aphrodisias (Geyre): the Ionic order of the Portico of Tiberius

RIBA65664Agora, Aphrodisias (Geyre): details of the Ionic order of the Portico of Tiberius

RIBA65678Agora, Aphrodisias (Geyre): details of the Ionic order of the Portico of Tiberius

RIBA96296Amphitheatre, Pompeii: plan, sections and details

RIBA99127Acropolis, Baalbek: east and west elevations

RIBA99128Acropolis, Baalbek: north and south elevations

RIBA100826A) Palace of Maximian, Piazza Armerina; B) Palace of Diocletian, Spalato: plans

RIBA100835Alternative Early Church Plans: A) Lateran Baptistery, Rome; B) Baptistery, Milan; C) Baptistery, Nocera; D) Santa Constanza, Rome; E) San Stefano Rotondo, Rome; F) San Lorenzo, Milan; G) Holy Apostles, Milan; H) Cathedral, Bosra; J) St. Simeon Stylites, from the Byzantine Empire

RIBA127090'Afterglow: the Acropolis, Athens'

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