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RIBA3093Design for the interior of Fischer's Restaurant, New Bond Street, London

RIBA15658North House, North Street, London: bathroom

RIBA15659Gayfere House, Smith Square, London: bedroom

RIBA16649Finella, Queen's Road, Cambridge: the staircase hall seen from the entrance corridor

RIBA16662Gayfere House, Smith Square, London: the entrance hall

RIBA20368Daily Express Building, 120-129 Fleet Street, City of London: preliminary sketch for the interior decoration of the entrance hall

RIBA20726Design for the proposed conversion of Chez Taglioni restaurant, Gerrard Street, London: view of a bar and cocktail lounge

RIBA23740Savoy Hotel, Strand, London: detail of the electric fireplace and mantelpiece of two toned mirrors with bracket supporting 'Kaspar the Cat' in the Pinafore Room

RIBA31479Interior design for the first class lounge of the MV Manoora for the Orient Steam Navigation Company: perspective view

RIBA49630Eltham Palace, London: the dining room

RIBA69860Design for a living room


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