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RIBA2506-9Isokon Flats, Lawn Road, Hampstead, London

RIBA2664-15Housing, Queen Elizabeth Square, Hutchesontown C, Gorbals, Glasgow

RIBA2774-20Barbican estate, City of London: full-scale mock-up of kitchen

RIBA3514-62Balfron Tower, Rowlett Street, Poplar, London

RIBA5251Flats in Holford Square, Finsbury, London: view showing the triaxial plan form of the spiral staircase of Bevin Court

RIBA6316Grand Union Walk housing, Camden, London

RIBA6317Grand Union Walk housing, Camden, London: the bedroom in a flat

RIBA8736Highpoint One, North Hill, Highgate, London: the garden front

RIBA17828Alton West Estate, Roehampton, London: an eleven-storey maisonette slab

RIBA23382Demolition of Killingworth Towers estate, Killingworth, North Tyneside

RIBA26399Byker Wall, Byker housing redevelopment, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: the balcony side overlooking the rows of traditional terraced houses

RIBA28451Boundary Street Estate, Shoreditch, London

RIBA35955Foundling housing scheme (Brunswick Centre), Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury, London: cross-section of a residential flat

RIBA36057Design for the Brunswick Close Estate, Finsbury, London: aerial view of three housing tower blocks

RIBA53233Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: the terraced housing accessed from the main pedestrian walkway

RIBA70490Housing, Hutchesontown B, Gorbals, Glasgow: living room in a three-room flat after occupation

RIBA75165Housing, Willowfield, Harlow, Essex: the blocks of two-bedroom flats

RIBA80020Gorbals area, Glasgow

RIBA92533Designs for New Court, Christ's College, Cambridge: an axonometric section

RIBA94419Barbican Estate, City of London: perspective looking across the lawn towards Lauderdale Tower in the background

RIBA97301Barbican Estate, City of London: typical elevation of a terrace block

RIBA101376Gorbals area, Glasgow: old tenement blocks

RIBA102119Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington Gore, London

RIBA103344Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London



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