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RIBA4196Cover of journal Tee-Square & Tape, January 1928

RIBA4937Cover of 'All the Photo-Tricks'

RIBA4985Corporate identity manual for Harveys of Bristol Limited

RIBA10084Cover of 'International architecture 1924-1934'

RIBA13281Book cover for the Air Ministry Directorate of Educational Services entitled 'Planning Your Neighbourhood'

RIBA16000Cover of 'Popular electric lighting'

RIBA16096Back cover of 'The palace of architecture'

RIBA18738Cover of 'Bygone Eastbourne'

RIBA18739Cover of 'Some recent work of Philip Hepworth'

RIBA18740Cover of 'Japanese homes and their surroundings'

RIBA18741Cover of 'The apartments of the house'

RIBA31237Book cover design for the RIBA Journal, Vol. XXVII, No. 17, July 1921: traced design

RIBA31238Book cover design for the RIBA Journal, Vol. XXVII, No. 17, July 1921: preliminary design

RIBA35943Decorative frontispiece for a collection of designs for silversmiths

RIBA36272Dedication page to Jean and Paul Freart in Roland Freart de Chambray's translated edition of Andrea Palladio's Four Books of Architecture

RIBA36281Contents page of G. Giocondo's edition of Vitruvius's De Architectura

RIBA38357A Dictionarial index to Batty Langley's 'Ancient masonry, both in the theory and practice'

RIBA39552Clarendon House, Piccadilly, London: text describing the history of the house

RIBA93590Book cover from the Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

RIBA97998Andrea Palladio

RIBA105394C. F. A. Voysey's bookplate

RIBA106787Back cover of the catalogue of 'New architecture. An exhibition of the elements of modern architecture' organised by the MARS (Modern architectural research) Group

RIBA111227Cover of 'Nejmensi Byt' probably designd by Karel Teige

RIBA125946An elaborate engraved cartouche, being the engraved title page of a book of cartouches

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