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RIBA2980-30Tricorn Shopping Centre, Portsmouth, Hampshire: the parking garage

RIBA3450-59Housing, Queen Elizabeth Square, Hutchesontown C, Gorbals, Glasgow: concrete pylons

RIBA4367Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA15744Masionettes, Coralline Walk, Lesnes, Thamesmead, Greenwich, London: close-up of the balconies

RIBA18335Secondary modern school, Hunstanton, seen from the ha-ha

RIBA23349Town centre phase 1, Cumbernauld New Town: the hotel

RIBA33804Canongate housing development, Royal Mile, Edinburgh: staircase at 2 Brown's Close

RIBA44406Churchill College, Cambridge: the ventilation shaft

RIBA46150The Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London: close-up of the ventilation shafts

RIBA51109Preston Bus Station, Lancashire

RIBA69696Christian Science Center, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA100531Brunel University, Uxbridge, London: the refectory and lecture theatre


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