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RIBA16232Pulley systems using weights

RIBA16233Pulley system with weights used for the statues in St Peter's Square, Rome

RIBA16235Extending ladders

RIBA16236Hoists and platforms used for whitewashing buildings

RIBA16237Props used in construction

RIBA16239Centring platform used for the portico of St Peter's Basilica, Rome

RIBA16246Machinery used to lift the Vatican obelisk in Rome in 1586

RIBA16439Cranes used on the Caledonian canal

RIBA18756Hydraulic machinery

RIBA18757Designs for machinery for embedding stilts

RIBA18758Building elevations and hydraulic machinery used for the Pont Neuf in Paris

RIBA19629Heavy lifting gear for building parts

RIBA22417Design for the title page of the Architectural Association Sketch Book, Volume 4, featuring a central illustration of Nuremberg's castle and Medieval buildings

RIBA23325Rope and pulley system

RIBA23332Formwork for arches and vaults

RIBA29174Four designs for tools: a frame for the sawing of wainscots, a ladder for hinges, a saw for 'blacke stones' and sieve for the sifting of lime

RIBA29175Design for a hand saw: annotated drawing with a small sketch of a reaping hook shown at top left

RIBA30310Diagrams showing flare kilns and coke ovens for use in the manufacture of cement

RIBA30311Diagrams showing a tunnel running kiln, and flare kilns with coke ovens for use in the manufacture of cement

RIBA30312Diagrams showing kilns for use in the manufacture of cement, an experimental brick and cement arch designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a brick beam designed by Messrs. Francis and a selection of plasterers' tools

RIBA31514Conwy Tubular Bridge under construction, Conwy, Gwynned: perspective view showing the second tube being built with part of Conwy Castle and Thomas Telford's Conwy Castle Suspension Bridge bridge seen in the background

RIBA36758Design for a decorative frieze for the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum), South Kensington, London: sketched elevation incorporating a line of figures carrying drawing instruments and items symbolising the art of architecture

RIBA37058Original drawing for 'Le Diverse et artificiose machine del Capitano Agostino Ramelli' (1588): machine for crossing a moat and mounting the walls of a town

RIBA38304Diagrams showing machinery and construction apparatus including lifting devices, tools and scaffolding



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