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RIBA28221Draft of some text for the Quattro Libri

RIBA28223Draft of some text for the Quattro Libri

RIBA28251Plan and elevation of a Peripteros temple with a draft text for Daniele Barbaro's Commentary on Vitruvius

RIBA28254List of wages drawn up by Palladio

RIBA28369Monopteros temple

RIBA28379Ionic hexastyle Portico

RIBA30222Pages from C.F.A. Voysey's register of work known as the 'Black Book' showing handwritten notes detailing building projects undertaken in 1894 and 1898

RIBA30286Letter from the sculptor Helen Phillips to Erno Goldfinger discussing a proposed balsa wood sculpture for their stand at the 'This is tomorrow' exhibition of 1956, held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

RIBA30288Letter from the artist Victor Pasmore to Erno Goldfinger concerning the 'This is tomorrow' exhibition of 1956, held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

RIBA30600Page of hand-written dedicatory address by a 19th century owner facing the first page of the editio princeps of Vitruvius's 'De achitectura'

RIBA31719Calculations and sums in pencil

RIBA31739Profile of a pedestal

RIBA32712Entrance gateway to the medina, Sfax

RIBA34578Letter accompanying designs for proposed gardens to the east of Buckingham Palace, London, incorporating parts of St James's Park and Green Park, commissioned by Prince Albert the Prince Consort

RIBA34641Letter from John Harris to Mr Bond regarding a fault with his house

RIBA8112916 Nerudova, Prague: detail of a sculptural relief of a golden goblet

RIBA86191Mary Ward Settlement (Passmore Edwards Settlement Buildings), Tavistock Place, London: detail of library door plate with the monogram of Thomas Hill Green

RIBA92885Original royal charter of incorporation granted to the [Royal] Institute of British Architects by William IV on 11 January 1837

RIBA93591Half title page from the Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

RIBA93626Arabian ornament no. 4: decorative patterns from a copy of the Koran in the Mosque of the Sultan Barquq, Cairo

RIBA93664Illuminated manuscripts No. 2: examples of decorative borders from the 13th to the 15th century

RIBA96863RIBA tribute to C. F. A. Voysey on his seventieth birthday signed by many famous contemporaries of Voysey

RIBA96909Pages from C.F.A. Voysey's professional expenses book showing his expenses for the first three months of 1906

RIBA99935Inscription page of the album



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