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RIBA9586Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, Paris

RIBA1166757 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin: doorway

RIBA11670Artisan dwellings, Reginald Street, Dublin

RIBA16116Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris: the reading room

RIBA17256Boat store, Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: detail of cast-iron framed facade

RIBA17350Albert Dock, Liverpool: close-up of the cast iron column-supported warehouses

RIBA17539Albert Dock, Liverpool: close-up of the cast-iron columns supporting the dockside warehouses

RIBA17874A dockside bollard

RIBA17877A mooring ring on the dockside of the Sharpness Ship Canal

RIBA193421851 Centenary Pavilion, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA26542Albert Bridge, Chelsea, London

RIBA4730448 Marine Parade, Brighton: detail of the trellised arcade and first floor balcony

RIBA4741730 Old Elvet, Durham: the cast iron balcony

RIBA47673Albany, Old Hall Street, Liverpool: the courtyard seen from the vestibule

RIBA477886-9 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, London

RIBA49837Berkhamsted Station, Hertfordshire: the original canopied platforms

RIBA49838Berkhamsted Station, Hertfordshire: the original canopied platforms

RIBA51958Base of a lamppost, City of London

RIBA89602600 Broadway, New York

RIBA8960680-88 Grand Street, New York

RIBA8960828-32 Greene Street, New York

RIBA8960983-87 Grand Street, New York

RIBA89632250 Mercer Street, New York

RIBA101693AEG Turbine factory, Berlin: detail of junction between the cast iron pier and concrete plinth

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