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RIBA2827-22Anglican Cathedral, St James's Mount, Liverpool

RIBA4719Altar of Ratchis, Duomo di San Martine, Cividale del Friuli: detail of the Lombard stone carved angels on the front panel

RIBA5589Aachen Cathedral (Kaiserdom): bronze gallery rail

RIBA8104Anglican Cathedral, St James's Mount, Liverpool

RIBA11547Anglican Cathedral, St James's Mount, Liverpool

RIBA20110Alternative design for the replanning of the Parliament Square area, Westminster, London, incorporating Burnet, Tait and Lorne's design for a new Colonial Office in Broad Sanctuary

RIBA20616Abbeville Cathedral, Picardy: the west front with houses and figures in the foreground

RIBA27674Aachen Cathedral (Kaiserdom): the octaganol Palatine Chapel with Charlemagne's throne

RIBA28892Anglican Cathedral, St James's Mount, Liverpool

RIBA28928Anglican Cathedral, St James's Mount, Liverpool

RIBA38533Amen Court off Ave Maria Lane, City of London, with St Paul's Cathedral in the background

RIBA42319Aachen Cathedral: the west front

RIBA42320Aachen Cathedral (Kaiserdom): the upper part and dome of the Palatine Chapel

RIBA44723Alexander Column in Palace Square, St Petersburg, with the dome of St Isaac's Cathedral seen to the left and the Admiralty to the right

RIBA47747Allotment on a bombsite near St Paul's, City of London

RIBA48712Aerial view of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King looking towards the River Mersey, Liverpool

RIBA51306Aerial view of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, seen from the roof of the Duomo

RIBA60805Abbey Church of St Denis, Paris: the west front

RIBA60806Abbey Church of St Denis, Paris: the nave seen from the choir

RIBA60817Aachen Cathedral (Kaiserdom)

RIBA81830Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, seen behind a row of dilapidated terraced houses

RIBA91186An ancient well (?) outside the Cathedral of Santa Maria (La Seu), Palma

RIBA100331Albi Cathedral, seen from a distance

RIBA100332Albi Cathedral: the choir and rood screen

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