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RIBA4184Abbaye du Thoronet, Le Thoronet

RIBA6593A Carolingian church: view of a candelabra and screen

RIBA13564Abbey church of La Madeleine, Vezelay: the west façade showing the main portal and tympanum

RIBA145204-6 Holly Place, Hampstead, London: a view of the Roman Catholic church tucked between early nineteenth century terrace housing

RIBA20589'A wedding in Datchet'

RIBA21469A church portico and colonnade: two studies

RIBA21817Abbey (basilica) of St Sernin, Toulouse: study of a carved doorway capital incorporating carved lions

RIBA21823Abbey (basilica) of St Denis, Paris: plan of the nave piers

RIBA27637Abbaye du Mont St Michel: close-up of the church belfry and spire

RIBA31336A restored church rectory, Northamptonshire: perspective view of the house with a church spire in the background

RIBA33278100 Wood Street, City of London: the main facade clad in Portland stone seen from Love Lane with a glimpse of St Alban's church tower on the right

RIBA40206Abbaye du Thoronet, Le Thoronet: nave of the abbey church

RIBA60796Abbaye St Martin d'Ainay, Lyon

RIBA60798Abbaye de St Mont Michel: close-up of the a flying buttress and the roof pinnacles

RIBA60953Abbazia di Pomposa, Codigoro, Emilia Romagna: the nave looking towards the segmental apse decorated with frescoes

RIBA69172Abandoned church of Sao Mateus da Calheta, Terciera: window in the gable above the entrance porch

RIBA84030View of Nottingham Castle with gabled houses and a church at the bottom of the hill

RIBA90030A street in Toulouse, looking towards the church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade in the distance

RIBA98285Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen: plans, elevations, sections and perspectives

RIBA100324Abbey church of La Madeleine, Vezelay: the tympanum on the central portal between the narthex and the nave showing the ascension of Christ and the commissioning of the apostles

RIBA100325Abbey church of La Madeleine, Vezelay: the nave looking east

RIBA100336Abbey church of Notre Dame, La Charite-sur-Loire: the ambulatory looking west

RIBA100340Abbey church of Notre Dame, La Charite-sur-Loire

RIBA100349Abbey church of Pontigny: the side aisle

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