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RIBA1476411 East Parade, Sheffield

RIBA607091 & 2 Laurence Pountney Hill, City of London

RIBA72899139-147 Leadenhall Street, London: the main entrance

RIBA125252(left) Half-elevation of a doorway with a semi-circular pediment; (centre) elevation of part of a single-storey facade with a balustrade above, two half-windows and decoration in the intervening bay; (right) half-elevation of an arched entrance with steps leading up over a basement grille

RIBA125253(left) Half-elevation of part of a single-storey facade, or screen, with square opening above a basement oeil-de-boeuf; (centre) half-elevation of a square entrance, tablets and pediment above; (right) entrance doorway over a basement entrance, approached by flights of stairs either side

RIBA125266(left) Half-elevation of an arched entrance flanked by Composite pilaster and surmounted by tablet between console and urn; (right) half-elevation of arched entrance with vermiculated voussoirs and heavy broken pediment

RIBA125268(left) Half-elevation of a rusticated opening with a detail of a console drawn within the opening; (right) half-elevation of an entrance (in a screen?) with a semi-circular opening over the doorway

RIBA125269(left) Half-elevation of a nniche in an upper storey; (right) half-elevation of a square-headed entrance with three super-imposed pediments

RIBA125272(left) Half-elevation of a doorway with broken pediment supported on large console, large seated figure on pediment; (right) half-elevation of doorway with triangular pediment supported by a panel which surrounds part of the upper doorcase

RIBA125273(left) Half-elevation of an arched entrance, flanking pilaster and figure in niche at lower left; (right) half-elevation of an arched entrance surmounted by a frieze and a tablet with a broken curved pediment supported on foliage consoles

RIBA125274(left) Half-elevation of an arched entrance with double pediments above; (centre) half-elevation of an entrance flanked by Corinthian columns (or pilasters) with frieze and cornice surmounted by broken curved pediment containing a tablet with a triangular pediment above that; (right) Half-elevation of a doorway with details of the console and door mouldings

RIBA125278(left) Half-elevation of an arched entrance with broken pediment; (right) half-elevation of a doorway with triangular pediment

RIBA125279(left) Half-elevation of square-headed entrance with brick surround and stone voussoirs, flanked by a herm supporting a broken curved pediment which contains and is in part surmounted by a superstructure with a tablet; (right) half-elevation of a square-headed entrance above a flight of six steps flanked by a niche with a tablet over, a curved and scrolled pediment, within the pediment a tablet with a superstructure

RIBA125664(left) Half-elevation of a square-headed entrance above a single step, a female figure in profile above a large curved console, broken triangular pediment with standing figure with shield and spear; (right) half-elevation of a square-headed entrance above two steps (possibly intended as a variant of the previous design), double Doric pilasters with niche between, broken triangular pediment with standing cupid, above and set back is a curved pedim

RIBA125665(left) Elevation of part of an entrance screen with half-elevation of square-headed entrance with semi-circular element over, half-elevation of plain arched opening and, below, a rusticated dormer window; (right) half-elevation of an arched entrance with giant keystone, rusticated Doric columns, balustrade above, and, below, a part-plan

RIBA125666(left) Half-elevation of an arched entrance with rusticated piers and narrow facetted voussoirs and broken triangular pediment; (right) half-elevation of an entrance and profile of the same at right

RIBA125667(left) Half-elevation of an arched, rusticated gateway of an extremely elaborate design with heavy curved and broken pediment with a crouching lion and a seated female figure holding a cornucopia; (right) half-elevation of an arched gateway with facetted rustication with above a shallow broken pediment within which is a rusticated dormer or tablet with a broken curved pediment above that

RIBA125791(Left) Half the front elevation of an arched entrance, the entablature supported by a winged herm; side elevation of the same at right; (right) design for an overmantel

RIBA125856(Left-hand side and top centre) Half-elevation of a two-storey facade and dormer from the attic storey of this facade, both inscribed Sedan; (lower centre) half-elevation of a rusticated window; (right top) three-quarter elevation of a heavily rusticated window, inscribed Geneve; (right bottom) half-elevation of a rusticated window and part of the opening above it

RIBA125860(Left) Half-elevation of a dormer on a base with console, semi-circular pediment shown in full elevation with an elaborate cartouche surmounted by a knight's helmet and plumes; (right) half-elevation of the upper part of a dormer with broken pediment with a cartouche surmounted itself with a broken pediment with foliage motif

RIBA125896(Top) Round-headed dormer window surmounted by triangular pediment; (below) three half-elevations of decorative elements

RIBA125898(Top) Two whole and one half-elevation of dormers; (below) part of a three-storey pavilion with part of an adjoining wing to the left

RIBA126438(top) Whole elevation of a wide fireplace without overmantel or chimneypiece; (below) Elaborate shell ornament in the upper part of a niche

RIBA126439(top) Side elevation of a fireplace with at the base dogs' heads with paws emerging from the beaded string course below the muzzles; (below) Two details of an entablature

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