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Back-to-back houses, Birmingham: a women doing the laundry in the back yardRIBA14446

Back-to-back houses, Central Wards, BirminghamRIBA14428

Derelict row of houses, Bromley Street, Lewisham, London: anti-establishment graffiti from Jubilee Year, 1977RIBA5959

Finsbury Health Centre, Pine Street, Finsbury, London: the site showing slum housingRIBA28419

Housing, SalfordRIBA9947

'Overcrowding and other Sanitary Derangements in 1862'RIBA106672

'Overcrowding and other Sanitary Derangements in 1862': detailRIBA106673

Slum houses, LondonRIBA14429

Tenement house, Nicholson Street, Gorbals, Glasgow: an unemployed miner trying to sleep in the parlourRIBA10752

Unidentified building: a poster montageRIBA10647

Unidentified location, Alma Inn and graffiti, TynesideRIBA62607

Whitmore Estate, Hoxton, LondonRIBA14430


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