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RIBA7827A chair and escritoire

RIBA791416-18 Finsbury Circus, London: the Transportation department offices of Eagle Oil Transport Co. Ltd.

RIBA8094Armstrong College Library, Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA8240Albert Road, London

RIBA8241Advertising shot for the Architectural Review

RIBA8242Advertising shot for the Architectural Review

RIBA8243Advertising shot for the Architectural Review

RIBA8325Arnold Bennett's flat, Chiltern Court, Baker Street, London: the study

RIBA23793Abbey Road Building Society Headquarters, 221b Baker Street, London: the main hall

RIBA23794Abbey Road Building Society Headquarters, 221b Baker Street, London: close-up of clerks' s desks in the main hall

RIBA24955Aircraft design offices and factory for Bristol Aeroplane Company, Filton, Bristol: the second floor drawing office

RIBA42985Battersea Grammar School, Abbotswood Road, Streatham, London: a maths classroom

RIBA516582 Chester Place, Regent's Park, London: the drawing room

RIBA55025Alliance Building Society, Brighton: the service counters

RIBA57036Barbara Tanner Youth Centre, Heathlands Drive, St Albans, Hertfordshire: the reception

RIBA71391Bank of Ireland Headquarters, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin: a director's office

RIBA78575Australia House, Strand, London: the enquiry desk in the entrance hall

RIBA78576Australia House, Strand, London: detail of the light fitting above the enquiry desk

RIBA78582Australia House, Strand, London: a desk and chair in an alcove of the main entrance hall

RIBA79724Beechwood Lodge, Basingstoke, Hampshire: the reception desk

RIBA79741Beechwood Lodge, Basingstoke, Hampshire: the entrance hall and reception desk

RIBA86896Appleby-Frodingham Steel Company Limited, Scunthorpe, Humberside: the drawing office

RIBA104417Arts Building, Trinity College, Dublin: the individual library desks

RIBA104419Arts Building, Trinity College, Dublin: the library desks

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