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RIBA11005Dovecote, Bamburgh, with Bamburgh Castle in the background

RIBA14747House with 'dovecote' under the eaves, Kettlewell, North Yorkshire

RIBA16823Cottage for Howard Gilliat, Harpenden

RIBA19514Design for a dove house: section, elevation and plan

RIBA39824Villa Emo, Fanzolo di Vedelago: the right dovecote and 'barchessa' (open barn)

RIBA39827Villa Emo, Fanzolo di Vedelago: the left 'barchessa' (open barn) and dovecote

RIBA39828Villa Emo, Fanzolo di Vedelago: the right 'barchessa' (open barn) and the villa

RIBA39829Villa Emo, Fanzolo di Vedelago: the villa and the left 'barchessa' (open barn)

RIBA42003Granary and dovecote, Sewards End, Essex

RIBA42067Dovecote, Richard's Castle, Shropshire

RIBA42124Brook House, King's Pyon, Herefordshire

RIBA42198Limestone rubble dovecote of former manor house, Willington, Bedfordshire

RIBA42378Pednor House (formerly Little Pednor), Chartridge, Buckinghamshire: the courtyard

RIBA55490Hostel, Fale

RIBA66859Designs for The Hoo, Hertfordshire: elevation of a dairy and dovecote

RIBA74152Quantock Lodge, Over Stowey, Somerset: the dovecote

RIBA83479Drawings from a sketchbook showing cottage with dovecote in gable: perspective

RIBA84973Designs for a house and farm buildings, Ornhams Hall, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, for George Crow: plans and elevations of all facades of the main building in the farmyard with sketch detail of the dovecote over the entrance

RIBA84975Designs for a house and farm buildings, Ornhams Hall, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, for George Crow: part-plan and section of the bean barn showing access to the pigeon loft (dovecote) over the entrance to the farmyard

RIBA85092Designs for the Home Farm, outbuildings, etc., Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, for the 7th Earl of Bridgewater: plan and elevation of the dovecote at the Home Farm

RIBA94938Design for a pigeon cote at The Pastures, North Luffenham, Rutland

RIBA98007Designs for alterations and renovation of Cornwell Manor, Cornwell near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, for Mrs Anthony Gillson: plan and elevation of pump kiosk and elevation of dovecote cupola

RIBA99250Dovecote in France

RIBA106257Pigeon Towers, Isfahan



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