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Architectonic sector of silverRIBA53301

'Arclight' adjustable lamp produced by E. N. Mason & Sons Limited, Arclight Works, ColchesterRIBA23766

Caricature depicting a confrontation between Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker: both men are shown brandishing drawing instruments and have drawing boards strapped to their bodiesRIBA21576

Christmas card from Michael Ventris to his son Nikki showing Father Christmas working at an architectural drawing board with a sack full of miniature houses by his sideRIBA20334

Demonstration of Albrecht Durer's Perspective Machine (Lens Perspectiva)RIBA38296

Design for a decorative frieze for the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum), South Kensington, London: sketched elevation incorporating a line of figures carrying drawing instruments and items symbolising the art of architectureRIBA36758

Design for a poster showing a bearded man extending his hand to a small naked boyRIBA36574

Design for a sextant with accompanying notesRIBA20317

Design for an instrument to measure internal and external angles, for the purpose of taking architectural plansRIBA20056

Design for the title page of the Architectural Association Sketch Book, Volume 4, featuring a central illustration of Nuremberg's castle and Medieval buildingsRIBA22417

Detail of a scalpel with its various bladesRIBA101037

Drawing pencil belonging to Denys LasdunRIBA94520

Electric eraserRIBA28513


Frontispiece to Vicenzo Scammozzi's 'Discorsi sopra l'antichita di Roma', depicting a perspective view of Roman ruins seen through an archwayRIBA38327

Humourous cartoon depicting the staff and pupils of Sir Edwin Lutyens working at drawing boards in his officeRIBA21626

Parallel ruleRIBA28512

Set of brass drawing and measuring instruments in a green leather covered caseRIBA36333

Sketch and written description of a device for tracing and reducing in scaleRIBA96689

Title page to Book I of Sebastiano Serlio's 'Di Architettura' featuring strapwork ornament and the depiction of drawing instrumentsRIBA38312

Traveling set of drawing instruments: shagreen and silverRIBA99653


T-square belonging to Albert Edward RussellRIBA13235

Two artists using a perspective instrument to draw a statueRIBA23257



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