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RIBA5356Electricity pylons and caravans, Toppesfield, Essex

RIBA19328Main road passing through a small town

RIBA19329Level-crossing in northern Italy

RIBA19330Scene at a level-crossing at Pisa

RIBA19332On the road to Bussolengo, Verona

RIBA25827Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey: the Watch Tower

RIBA41253Church, Balatonkeresztur, seen from the south

RIBA42421Electricity pylon

RIBA42422Electricity pylon

RIBA43261Insulators on power lines, Corsica

RIBA48755Greenford Gospel Church, Oldfield Lane, Greenford, London: the two classrooms at the back

RIBA49962Trawler motoring along the River Witham, Boston, Lincolnshire

RIBA50009Linesmen at work on the hydro-electric supply poles with the Buachaille Etive Mor in the background, Glencoe, Highlands

RIBA56148Extension to the Austin Motor Works, Longbridge, Birmingham: the south-east facade

RIBA77687River Thames at Oxford


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