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RIBA5465Arena, Verona

RIBA7370Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London

RIBA9714Amusement complex, Tama New Town, Tokyo

RIBA10146Aquarium and Winter Garden, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

RIBA13412Alternative design for an International Music Hall and Opera House, Hyde Park Corner, London

RIBA13618Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London under construction: group portrait of workers probably from Messrs. Kelk & Lucas, the contractors

RIBA13959Amphitheatre, Nimes

RIBA22128Alexandra Palace in flames, Alexandra Park, London

RIBA27275Arena and Piazza Bra, Verona

RIBA27763Arena, Verona

RIBA56889Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: the approach

RIBA56890Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: the east end

RIBA56891Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: side aisle of the Great Hall showing the iron colonnade

RIBA56892Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: the barrel-vaulted Great Hall

RIBA95427Amphitheatre, Nimes: perspective

RIBA95428Amphitheatre, Nimes: elevation of five exterior bays

RIBA95429Amphitheatre, Nimes: section

RIBA95430Amphitheatre, Nimes: plan of five bays

RIBA95441Arena, Verona (left) and Colosseum, Rome (right): half-plans comparing the designs

RIBA95444Arena, Verona: details of one of the arches with order

RIBA95445Arena, Verona: details of cornices

RIBA95448Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): perspective of the walls of the arena

RIBA95449Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): details

RIBA95451Amphitheatre, Nimes: details of column base, capital and entablature

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