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Dreamland, Margate, KentRIBA3309-51

Bath Hotel, Bath Assembly Rooms and pleasure gardens, Tynemouth: perspectiveRIBA83824

Alexandra Palace in flames, Alexandra Park, LondonRIBA22128

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, LondonRIBA7370

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London under construction: group portrait of workers probably from Messrs. Kelk & Lucas, the contractorsRIBA13618

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: side aisle of the Great Hall showing the iron colonnadeRIBA56891

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: the approachRIBA56889

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: the barrel-vaulted Great HallRIBA56892

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London: the east endRIBA56890

Alternative design for an International Music Hall and Opera House, Hyde Park Corner, LondonRIBA13412

Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): detailsRIBA95449

Amphitheatre at Pola (Pula): perspective of the walls of the arenaRIBA95448

Amphitheatre, NimesRIBA13959

Amphitheatre, Nimes: details of column base, capital and entablatureRIBA95451

Amphitheatre, Nimes: elevation of five exterior baysRIBA95428

Amphitheatre, Nimes: perspectiveRIBA95427

Amphitheatre, Nimes: plan of five baysRIBA95430

Amphitheatre, Nimes: sectionRIBA95429

Amusement complex, Tama New Town, TokyoRIBA9714

Aquarium and Winter Garden, Great Yarmouth, NorfolkRIBA10146

Arena and Piazza Bra, VeronaRIBA27275

Arena, VeronaRIBA27763

Arena, VeronaRIBA5465

Arena, Verona (left) and Colosseum, Rome (right): half-plans comparing the designsRIBA95441

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