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RIBA2477-7Central shopping precinct, Coventry: planters at lower level

RIBA2523-9Ship-building yard on the Clyde

RIBA2739-19Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, Number 3 bridge, Liverpool

RIBA2825-22St Edward's, Brotherton, North Yorkshire, with Ferrybridge B Power Station behind

RIBA5065Crumlin viaduct, Ebbw Vale, Gwent

RIBA10452Housing, Drummond Place, Edinburgh

RIBA10528East end of station, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA10557Palazzo Grimani di San Luca, Venice

RIBA10582Second phase of the south-west housing section, Peterlee: a stub block of single-bedroom flats over garages

RIBA10619Fernand Léger Museum, Biot

RIBA10684House on Julian Avenue in the Mission District, San Francisco

RIBA17248Alleyway near Kew, London

RIBA17500Road sign near Boston, Lincolnshire

RIBA17892Shipbuilding on the Clyde

RIBA18284Oban Hotel, Stafford Street, Oban

RIBA18403Euston Arch, Euston Station, London: the demolition of the arch to make way for the new station building

RIBA24114St Catherine's College, Oxford: the east residential block seen from under the projecting first floor of the library

RIBA24132All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA44389Faculty of Commerce and Social Science, University of Birmingham: the five-storey whorl-like staircase seen from ground level

RIBA47219Madame Tussauds, London: hanging hands

RIBA49615Chiswick House, London: detail of the grand staircase to the entrance portico by night

RIBA49702A modern caravan with extensions on a residential caravan site

RIBA64023Second phase of the south-west housing section, New Passfield Way, Peterlee

RIBA88121National Theatre, South Bank under construction, London, seen from the south



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