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Agricultural show, west of EnglandRIBA77496

Century 21 Exposition, World Fair, SeattleRIBA63617

Design proposal for Hampstead Ponds and South End Green, London, for the Festival of Britain: sketched perspectiveRIBA31648

Detail of a carved leg and panel of Mark Toney's ice cream cartRIBA42408

Detail of carved and painted decoration of a fairground standRIBA42409

Detail of fairground roundaboutRIBA42415

Entertainment booth, AthensRIBA5543

Fairground boothRIBA5607

Fairground booth at Epsom Downs, SurreyRIBA5605

Fairground roundabout with gallopersRIBA5603

Fairground workers constructing Gray's roundabout, Hampstead, LondonRIBA42413

Festival Pleasure Gardens under construction, Festival of Britain, Battersea Park, London: perspective view of the site looking towards Battersea Park Station with Battersea Power Station in the distanceRIBA31564

'Flying machine', Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, LondonRIBA42407

Folly figure, Ware, HertfordshireRIBA5602

Funfair at the seafrontRIBA48199

Funfair piazza by night, Festival of Britain, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, LondonRIBA19861

Funfair Piazza, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, LondonRIBA42406

Guide to the Pleasure Gardens, Festival of Britain, Battersea Park, London: plan with key to attractions including funfair attractions, restaurants, and miniature railwayRIBA31703

Helter-skelter in a farirgroundRIBA42410

Riesenrad (Giant Wheel), Prater Park, ViennaRIBA91565

Roundabout at Mitcham Fair, LondonRIBA42414

Roundabout at Mitcham Fair, LondonRIBA42411

Roundabout ticket booth in a fairgroundRIBA42412

St Bartholomew Fair, West Smithfield, City of LondonRIBA15428



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