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RIBA13509Reverend G Neville Granville with his wife and children at Butleigh Court, Butleigh, Somerset

RIBA14707St Peter and St Paul, Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire: monument to Sir Francis and Lady Page, died 1741 and 1730

RIBA17952Tyroler apartment building, Harangvirag utca, Budapest: the garden terrace with a small pool

RIBA20844Drawings for the A.B.C.A. exhibition entitled 'Planning Your Home': a family is shown in various rooms in a home, with details of clothing, household utensils, books and toys shown to the right

RIBA22266Silhouette design for the central portion of a metal hinge of a cabinet to be mounted on red leather: the design features a shepherd with his wife, child and a sheep walking through the trees

RIBA61161House of the Stambouli, Damascus: the Jewish family gathered in courtyard

RIBA97410Letter from Sir Edwin Lutyens to his wife Lady Emily regarding Greywalls, Gullane, East Lothian, for the Hon. Alfred Lyttelton, dated 11 April 1899: loving closing words to his wife with a sketch of the two of them "bound round with bonds of love" held by their first-born, their daughter Barbara

RIBA99116Humourous illustration in the style of a Japanese print

RIBA100443Sarah Flitcroft

RIBA125888Half-length portrait of a young man in three-quarter profile, possibly by Thomas Gainsborough


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