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RIBA51071Carruthers crane at AEI cable works, Northfleet

RIBA51075Euston Station, Euston Road, London: approaching the basement level taxi pick up area

RIBA51077Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer near Amsterdam: terminal waiting area

RIBA62209Packed commuter train on the London Underground

RIBA62214Pye radio telephones in use on the restoration of York Minster

RIBA62240Looking along a canal towards Barton Village, Eccles

RIBA62241Fishing on a canal with Barton Power Station, Eccles in the background

RIBA62244Cast iron road bridge over a canal with paired locks with electrified railway line behind

RIBA62261Helicopter pilot above an unidentified power station

RIBA62275Canada Dock canteen building, Liverpool

RIBA62287Scratchwood Services on the M1, Barnet, London

RIBA62294A packed train in rush hour, London

RIBA62306Manual shunting at the railway sidings at Rugeley A Power Station, Staffordshire

RIBA62319Euston Station, Euston Road, London: passenger sitting in front of the re-sited Britannia sculptural group formerly over a doorway in the Great Hall of the original station now in the Sprig Restaurant and waiting room off the concourse

RIBA62321Euston Station, Euston Road, London: the entrance and plaza

RIBA62328Euston Station, Euston Road, London: the concourse

RIBA62338Euston Station, Euston Road, London: waiting on the concourse near the stairs and escalators down to the Underground station

RIBA62341Euston Station, Euston Road, London: the Sprig Restaurant

RIBA62354Queen Street Station, West George Street, Glasgow: ticket barrier at platform 7

RIBA62411Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer near Amsterdam

RIBA62446Jumbo jet hangar under construction, Heathrow Airport, London: maintenance area

RIBA62458Boadicea House (BOAC computer building), Heathrow Airport, London

RIBA62489BOAC Vickers VC-10 airliner at Heathrow Airport, London

RIBA62495Planes at Heathrow Airport, London



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