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RIBA2571-11RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2): the Double Room, Upper Deck Bar

RIBA11107RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) under construction on Clydeside

RIBA11109RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2): the Theatre Bar on the starboard side of the Upper Deck

RIBA11262MS Asama Maru ocean liner: the Japanese room

RIBA11630Austin Reed on board the RMS Queen Mary: the shop on the promenade deck

RIBA18409RMS Mauretania: a lounge

RIBA18411RMS Mauretania: Cabin Class Grand Hall designed to serve three different functions: a Lounge, Cinema Theatre or Ballroom

RIBA18412RMS Mauretania: detail of special State Room

RIBA18413RMS Mauretania: a lounge bar

RIBA18418RMS Balmoral Castle, Union-Castle Line: a view of the 1st Class Library looking to port

RIBA18419RMS Balmoral Castle, Union-Castle Line: a view of the 1st Class Lounge

RIBA18422RMS Scot, Union-Castle Line: the 1st Class Saloon

RIBA18423RMS Scot, Union-Castle Line: the Music Saloon

RIBA24936RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2): the children's room on the Sports Deck

RIBA24939RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2): the Upper Deck Bar on the upper level of the Double Room

RIBA31227Design for the interior decoration of the RMS Queen Elizabeth for Cunard White Star: isometric projection indicating a decorative flooring scheme for a deck entrance

RIBA31445Design for a pendant lamp featuring an alabaster bowl and winged sphinx figures for the lounge of the TSS Otranto for the Orient Steam Navigation Company

RIBA31455Design for the interior decoration scheme of the children's dining room of the MV Manoora for the Orient Steam Navigation Company: elevations and plan showing wall paintings featuring monkey, elephant and polar bear motifs

RIBA31479Interior design for the first class lounge of the MV Manoora for the Orient Steam Navigation Company: perspective view

RIBA35398Designs for SS Canberra: musicians' uniforms

RIBA35401Designs for SS Canberra: the (first class?) dining room

RIBA35402Designs for SS Canberra: Meridian Lounge and Bar

RIBA77443Car being disembarked from the Queen Mary at Cherbourg

RIBA106843Anne Urquhart (left) and Dorothy Marckwald (right): the designers of the SS United States interiors with interior and exterior models of the ship



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