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RIBA2642-14Shop for Kodak Limited, 40 West Strand, London: hoarding on street front during construction

RIBA3111-38Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms, Buchanan Street, Glasgow: hoarding decorated with Whistlerian peacock

RIBA40140Trompe l'oeil doorway, Calle Mayor, Madrid

RIBA47873South Africa House under construction, Trafalgar Square, London, seen from the south-west with the befry of St Martin-in-the-Field also under scaffolding in the background

RIBA54941Radio City Tower, Houghton Street, Liverpool, seen from Hanover Street

RIBA60159Glyn Mills' Bank, Lombard Street, London, under construction

RIBA68185Tallis's London street views: wooden fencing obscuring a construction site next to St Botolph's Church on St Martin's-le-Grand as it runs into Aldersgate Street

RIBA68186Tallis's London street views: wooden fencing obscuring the ruins of the House of Commons at the foot of Westminster Bridge, London

RIBA72619Westminster Hospital, Horseferry Road, London: the nurses' home under construction seen from Marsham Street


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