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RIBA12054Letter-boxes, Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

RIBA38665Letter-box mounted on a lamp standard and a litter bin on a corner of Park Avenue, New York

RIBA43246Letter-box set into a wall in Little Woolstone, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, with the royal cypher of Queen Victoria

RIBA47343Letter-box outside King's College, Cambridge

RIBA478506 and 7 Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

RIBA49722Conversion of 31 Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead, London: the letter-boxes in the communal entrance hall

RIBA50679Letter-box, Pitigliano, Tuscany

RIBA50744House for Sale notice, Pontaubert, Burgundy

RIBA51782QUERY 10 and 11 Hart Street, London

RIBA69162Overseas Department (now Mortgage Centre), Isle of Man Bank, 10-12 Athol Street, Douglas

RIBA70399Postbox, Verona

RIBA72688Pillar Box, Lansdowne Road, London

RIBA72689Pillar Box, Clapham, London

RIBA89825Pillar box, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


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