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29 Buckland Crescent, Hampstead, London: fireplace detailRIBA25704

Adinath Temple, Dilwara Jain temple complex, Mount Abu: main hallRIBA9275

Agency buildings, Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York StateRIBA10685

Agra Fort, Agra: colonnade detail of the Jahangiri MahalRIBA60433

All Saints, Babbacombe, Devon: close-up of the pulpitRIBA18370

All Saints, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire: the monument to George Henry Lee, 3rd Earl of Litchfield (d. 1722)RIBA6732

Alliance Assurance Company's Head Office, Bartholomew Lane, City of London: the directors' lavatoryRIBA23818

American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: detail of the main facade and signage comprising Skyros marble, bronze, decorative glass and tilesRIBA40281

American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: entrance detailRIBA40273

American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: the triple-sectioned entrance portal with four piers in Skyros marbleRIBA40279

American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: threshold detail showing one of the bronze doors and a pier in Skyros marbleRIBA40278

Apartment block in Prague: corner of the entrance hallRIBA56875

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA25669

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA18910

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA3675-72

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA7977

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA14372

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA14061

Arch of Constantine, Rome: a glimpse of the Colosseum through the central archRIBA27857

Arch of Constantine, Rome: close-up of two of the decorative tondi and columnsRIBA27741

Arch of Constantine, Rome: the south side seen from the via TriumphalisRIBA30918

Arch of Drusus (Aqua Antoniniana), Via Appia, RomeRIBA27856

Arch of Drusus, RomeRIBA14080

Arch of Hadrian, Athens, with the ruins of the Temples of Zeus Olympus in the backgroundRIBA4139

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