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RIBA3675-72Arch of Constantine, Rome

RIBA4139Arch of Hadrian, Athens, with the ruins of the Temples of Zeus Olympus in the background

RIBA6732All Saints, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire: the monument to George Henry Lee, 3rd Earl of Litchfield (d. 1722)

RIBA7977Arch of Constantine, Rome

RIBA9275Adinath Temple, Dilwara Jain temple complex, Mount Abu: main hall

RIBA10685Agency buildings, Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York State

RIBA14061Arch of Constantine, Rome

RIBA14080Arch of Drusus, Rome

RIBA14372Arch of Constantine, Rome

RIBA18370All Saints, Babbacombe, Devon: close-up of the pulpit

RIBA18910Arch of Constantine, Rome

RIBA23818Alliance Assurance Company's Head Office, Bartholomew Lane, City of London: the directors' lavatory

RIBA25669Arch of Constantine, Rome

RIBA2570429 Buckland Crescent, Hampstead, London: fireplace detail

RIBA27741Arch of Constantine, Rome: close-up of two of the decorative tondi and columns

RIBA27856Arch of Drusus (Aqua Antoniniana), Via Appia, Rome

RIBA27857Arch of Constantine, Rome: a glimpse of the Colosseum through the central arch

RIBA30918Arch of Constantine, Rome: the south side seen from the via Triumphalis

RIBA40273American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: entrance detail

RIBA40278American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: threshold detail showing one of the bronze doors and a pier in Skyros marble

RIBA40279American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: the triple-sectioned entrance portal with four piers in Skyros marble

RIBA40281American Bar, Karntner Passage, Vienna: detail of the main facade and signage comprising Skyros marble, bronze, decorative glass and tiles

RIBA56875Apartment block in Prague: corner of the entrance hall

RIBA60433Agra Fort, Agra: colonnade detail of the Jahangiri Mahal

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