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RIBA2556-10Bull Ring shopping centre with the Rotunda under construction in the right background, Birmingham

RIBA6427Birmingham Wholesale Markets, Birmingham

RIBA15429Billingsgate fishmarket, Billingsgate Wharf, Lower Thames Street, London

RIBA17833Badges on sale in Carnaby Street, London

RIBA18385Bull Ring shopping centre, Birmingham: the open-air market

RIBA26499Castle Market, Sheffield, seen down the hill from the centre of the city

RIBA26502Castle Market, Sheffield, seen from the pedestrian bridge

RIBA26504Castle Market, Sheffield, seen from the pedestrian bridge

RIBA27859Bird's eye view of the Markets of Trajan, via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome

RIBA47735Camden Lock, Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, London

RIBA47869Bedford Chambers Arcade, Covent Garden, London

RIBA54474Castle Market, Sheffield, seen from the Sheaf Market area with the adjacent Norfolk Market scheme on the left

RIBA62693Bull Ring shopping centre and market, Birmingham

RIBA62699Bull Ring market, Birmingham

RIBA68950Billingsgate Market, Lower Thames Street, City of London, seen from the river

RIBA84793Bird's eye view over Covent Garden Market, London

RIBA85333Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Boston, Lincolnshire: perspective from the market

RIBA92164Castle Market, Sheffield: detail of signage above entrance

RIBA105075Bhuleshwar, Mumbai

RIBA105076Bhuleshwar, Mumbai

RIBA105921A stall in Dalian

RIBA112473Arcaded main square, Montpazier

RIBA112474Bastide arcading, Montpazier

RIBA112802Campo dei Fiori, Rome

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