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RIBA3645-71El Camino del Canyon, converted adobe dwelling, Santa Fe, New Mexico

RIBA93380Great Mosque, Djenne: detail of the wall showing the adobe construction

RIBA9797Houses, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

RIBA3469-60Houses, Taos Pueblo, northern New Mexico

RIBA93381Mud built granaries, Ende, Pays Dogon

RIBA9798San Geronimo Church, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

RIBA10501Santa Fe Museum, Santa Fe

RIBA69272Stack of sun-dried mud bricks

RIBA5784Tomb of Sheikh Idriss Mahjoub, Kweka

RIBA6409Vernacular housing, Oman

RIBA3527-63View of roofs with wind towers ('badgirs') in Yazd

RIBA55271Village house, Serowe

RIBA5786Village near the pyramids, Kafra

RIBA93694Water cistern surrounded by mud-brick houses, Hababah


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