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RIBA3469-60Houses, Taos Pueblo, northern New Mexico

RIBA3527-63View of roofs with wind towers ('badgirs') in Yazd

RIBA3645-71El Camino del Canyon, converted adobe dwelling, Santa Fe, New Mexico

RIBA5784Tomb of Sheikh Idriss Mahjoub, Kweka

RIBA5786Village near the pyramids, Kafra

RIBA6409Vernacular housing, Oman

RIBA9797Houses, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

RIBA9798San Geronimo Church, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

RIBA10501Santa Fe Museum, Santa Fe

RIBA55271Village house, Serowe

RIBA69272Stack of sun-dried mud bricks

RIBA93380Great Mosque, Djenne: detail of the wall showing the adobe construction

RIBA93381Mud built granaries, Ende, Pays Dogon

RIBA93694Water cistern surrounded by mud-brick houses, Hababah


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