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RIBA7749Cobham Hall, Kent: the Gilt Hall (Music Room)

RIBA11893Balnagown Castle, Highlands: the music room seen from the drawing room

RIBA13412Alternative design for an International Music Hall and Opera House, Hyde Park Corner, London

RIBA16056Design for a house for an art lover: the music room with panels by Margaret MacDonald

RIBA20161Kirby Hall, Northamptonshire: the music gallery in the Great Hall

RIBA20386Design for a living room in a penthouse at 23-25 Montagu Street, London, for G. Coren

RIBA20548Design for an orchestra platform in an unidentified house featuring decorative plasterwork and sculptures

RIBA21673Design for a new music room at Hatchlands Park, East Clandon, Guildford, Surrey: perspective, plan and sections

RIBA21711Bullers Wood, Bickley, Bromley, London: perspective view of the drawing room

RIBA31224Design for alterations and additions to Balcombe Place, Balcombe, West Sussex: perspective view of the Music Gallery

RIBA31319Design for Haggerston Secondary School for Girls, Dunloe Street, Hackney, London: interior perspective of the music room

RIBA32383Design for a music room: plan and sections

RIBA32384Design for a cottage piano: elevation, sections and details

RIBA34629Design for Haggerston Secondary School for Girls, Dunloe Street, Hackney, London: sections of offices and music rooms

RIBA36464Design for the interior decoration of Kensington House, 15 Kensington Palace Gardens, London: elevation showing decorative wall panels and mouldings surrounding the windows in the ballroom/concert room

RIBA42898Burleigh County Secondary Modern School, Hatfield, Hertfordshire: fhe music room at the south-west corner of the classroom range

RIBA51717Corner of a music room with rug designed by Marion Dorn

RIBA517764 Queen's Gate Place, South Kensington, London: the music room

RIBA55569Ali Qapu Palace, Isfahan: ceiling of the music room

RIBA56831Apartment or house in Vienna: the music room

RIBA60219Alma House, 73 Rodney Road, Cheltenham: the fireplace in the music room

RIBA84023Designs for Bromsberrow Place, Bromsberrow, Gloucestershire, for Robert Dobyns Yate: elevation of one wall of the music room

RIBA84237Carlton House, Pall Mall, London: design for the capital to the column in the music room

RIBA93118Aldeburgh, Suffolk: Benjamin Britten's harpsichord

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