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RIBA13519Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone and the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Piazza Navona, Rome

RIBA16145Alexandrian obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle) in Alexandria before being transported to New York

RIBA16146Alexandrian obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle) being erected in Central Park, New York

RIBA16147Alexandrian obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle), Central Park, New York

RIBA20922An architectural composition featuring buildings in the Classical style and a central triumphal arch

RIBA21194Architectural cappriccio depicting a piazza featuring an arcade, an obelisk and statuary, with fragments of stonework shown in the foreground

RIBA22587Composition of Classical architectural fragments including part of an obelisk, an urn, a statue, a column, friezes and an inscribed tablet, with a ruined temple seen in the background

RIBA26552Chiswick House, London: the Ionic Temple and obelisk in the Orange Tree Garden

RIBA35689Architectural composition showing a complex of Corinthian colonnades, staircases and coffered arches with an obelisk fountain in the foreground

RIBA35690Architectural composition showing a vaulted loggia facing an obelisk and a flight of stairs flanked by two lion sculptures

RIBA44723Alexander Column in Palace Square, St Petersburg, with the dome of St Isaac's Cathedral seen to the left and the Admiralty to the right

RIBA50625Church of Trinita' dei Monti seen from the foot of the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, Rome

RIBA51196Annexe for the coronation of George V, Westminster Abbey, London

RIBA55167BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, Hammersmith, London: the main entrance and central courtyard with sculpture of Helios by night

RIBA57534College of Technology (later Hull College), Hull, seen from Queen's Gardens with the Wilberforce Monument in the foreground

RIBA60969Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, Florence: the west facade and piazza

RIBA61678College of Technology (later Hull College), Hull, seen from Queen's Gardens

RIBA81100Calton Hill, Edinburgh, with the Political Martyrs Monument on the left and the Governor's House on the right

RIBA90204Building and monument from the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929, Maria Luisa Park, Seville

RIBA96445Album of theoretical designs: elevation of a domed temple flanked by obelisks

RIBA96447Album of theoretical designs: study for an obelisk with flanking urns

RIBA96448Album of theoretical designs: elevation of a tomb or monument decorated with trophies of war

RIBA96529Album of theoretical designs: view of a domed mausoleum in a park

RIBA113075Church of Trinita' dei Monti seen from the foot of the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, Rome

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