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RIBA5037Colneford House, Earls Colne, Essex

RIBA7694Villa Medici, Pincian Hill, Rome

RIBA36457Design for Steephill, near St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands: sketched perspective view of the garden and entrance fronts

RIBA36458Design for Steephill, near St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands: elevation of the entrance front

RIBA38995Crown House, Newport, Essex: the main front pargeted with garlands, swags and large leafy branches

RIBA42210Guild House and 57, 59, and 61 High Street, Ashwell, Hertfordshire

RIBA42217Pargeting on a building in Fore Street, Hertford

RIBA42264Bishop Bonner's Cottage, East Dereham, Norfolk

RIBA49031Netheridge, Nethergate Street, Clare, Suffolk: detail of the pargeted front

RIBA49041Post office, High Street, Coddenham, Suffolk

RIBA49062Cottage in Holton, Suffolk

RIBA4908568 Water Street, Lavenham, Suffolk

RIBA49111Hemp's Green, Sibton, Suffolk

RIBA49248Cottage in Linton, Cambridgeshire: detail of the thatched roof and dormer window

RIBA49983Bishop Bonner's Cottage, Dereham, Norfolk: detail of the pargeting


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