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Design for a wallpaper entitled 'The Callum'RIBA4113

Design for a wallpaper or textile showing winged angel figures and devilsRIBA94943

Design for a wallpaper or woven silk incorporating a repeating pattern of seahorses and wavesRIBA94941

100 Wood Street, City of London: the main facade clad in Portland stone seen from Love Lane with a glimpse of St Alban's church tower on the rightRIBA33278

1958 World's Fair, Brussels: the concourse below the 'passerelle' (pedestrian viaduct)RIBA19976

53 Groenmarkt, DordrechtRIBA7117

A London Steak HouseRIBA11106

A pattern of signals at Esbjerg HarbourRIBA17897

A row of no parking signsRIBA62206

A wooden weir on the River ThamesRIBA17894

Alameda Underground Station, Valencia: view descending the stairs to the platformsRIBA30543

Albion House (White Star Building), 30 James Street, LiverpoolRIBA17854

Albion House (White Star Building), 30 James Street, LiverpoolRIBA10970

Albion House (White Star Building), 30 James Street, LiverpoolRIBA5946

Albion House (White Star Building), 30 James Street, LiverpoolRIBA54968

Albion House (White Star Building), 30 James Street, LiverpoolRIBA54969

Alcazar, Seville: detail from arch and tiled jamb in the Hall of Ambassadors (Salon de Embajadores)RIBA22668

Algerian Pavilion, Expo '70, OsakaRIBA23182

Alhambra, Granada: mosaic dados on the pillars between the windows in the Sala de EmbajadoresRIBA16432

All Saints, Margaret Street, Fitzrovia, LondonRIBA3465-60

Analysis of beautyRIBA10085

Arabian ornament no. 1: details of architraves and soffits from the windows in the Mosque of Ibn Tulun (Ibn Tooloon), CairoRIBA93623

Arabian ornament no. 2: architectural details from the mosques of Kalaoon, Tooloon and En NasireeyehRIBA93624

Arabian ornament no. 3: decorative details from various mosquesRIBA93625

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