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RIBA24782A cobbled backstreet in Bergen

RIBA27257Arcaded street in Padua with Palazzo Frigimelica Montesi on the left

RIBA30544Alameda Bridge and Underground Station, Valencia: view of the bridge with the stair access closed flush to paving

RIBA30545Alameda Bridge and Underground Station, Valencia: view of the bridge with the stair access open

RIBA30546Alameda Bridge and Underground Station, Valencia: lateral view of the bridge and roof of the underground station

RIBA34554Alton East Estate, Roehampton, London: view of the staggered terrace of houses with twelve-storey point blocks in the background

RIBA45975Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: pedestrian access

RIBA45977Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London

RIBA45980Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: paved access terrace to the tiered housing blocks

RIBA45981Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: access precinct to Rowley Way

RIBA45982Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: facade of tiered housing block seen from an access terrace

RIBA45984Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: an end of terrace

RIBA477886-9 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, London

RIBA47824Alley, Bankside, Southwark, London

RIBA47828Alley by night, Bankside, Southwark, London

RIBA47859Alley off Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey precinct, London

RIBA48169A woman and children in New Street in the old city of Plymouth

RIBA49956A backstreet of the Old Town, King's Lynn, Norfolk

RIBA499577 King Street, Old Town, King's Lynn, Norfolk: the vehicle entrance from the street

RIBA50653'Al Passo' bar cafe on the seafront promenade at Alassio, Liguria

RIBA50673Backstreet of the medieval walled hillside town of Manciano, Tuscany

RIBA50735A kerbside and road drain, Sherbourne

RIBA53233Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: the terraced housing accessed from the main pedestrian walkway

RIBA6435315-19 Murray Mews, Camden, London: the street facade

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