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Circus acrobatic troopRIBA42403

Circus horses and trainerRIBA42404

Circus ridersRIBA42405

Clowns performing at Bertram Mills Circus, Olympia, London, on 24th January 1938RIBA33839

Coco the Clown at Olympia, LondonRIBA42401

Fan dancer, Mitcham Fair, LondonRIBA57238

Funfair Piazza, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, LondonRIBA42406

Gamla Riksbanken (old Bank of Sweden), Jarntorget, Gamla Stan, Stockholm: detail of part of the main entrance portal with street performerRIBA90659

Golden Gate Fair, San Francisco: the Court of Latin America with visitors listening to the Guatemalan Marimba BandRIBA88724

Perspective view of a concert taking place on an outdoor performance space in an unidentified town centreRIBA36607

Phrygian dancers, IzmirRIBA67040

Singer Lita Roza at homeRIBA40205

Singer Lita Roza at home sitting on a rug by coffee tableRIBA28012

Six clowns (Pinder in the centre) from Hagenbeck's Circus, Olympia, LondonRIBA42402

Sketch of 'Santa Maria Annunciata'; dramatic figuresRIBA94039

Spike Milligan in his home in Finchley, LondonRIBA47142

Spike Milligan in his home in Finchley, LondonRIBA47143


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