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Alan Irvine (right) with the photographer Edgar Hyman at an exhibitionRIBA45969

Architectural Association 1972 Summer Session (Manhattan Workshop) held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Nash House, The Mall, London: left to right, Piers Gough, Janet Street-Porter, Peter Cook of Archigram and the photographer Tim Street-PorterRIBA33621

Basilica of San Marco, VeniceRIBA27092

Bill ToomeyRIBA38605

Bill ToomeyRIBA47169

Caricature of architect Howard Robertson and photographer F. R. Yerbury promoting modern concrete buildingsRIBA34354

Edwin SmithRIBA4090

Edwin SmithRIBA4091

Edwin SmithRIBA4092

Edwin SmithRIBA3339-52

Edwin SmithRIBA69801

Edwin SmithRIBA93538

Edwin SmithRIBA93539

Edwin Smith (in the centre with a striped T-shirt) with a Sicilian familyRIBA42390

Edwin Smith and Olive CookRIBA4088

Edwin Smith and Olive Cook in SicilyRIBA42393

Edwin Smith and Olive Cook in the garden, 9A Church Row, Hampstead, LondonRIBA4094

Edwin Smith and Olive Cook on their wedding day in LondonRIBA69800

Edwin Smith in VeniceRIBA42396

Edwin Smith self-portraitRIBA42397

Edwin Smith self-portraitRIBA42395

Edwin Smith with Graham HuttonRIBA42392

Eric de Mare self-portraitRIBA38604

F. R. Yerbury, L. H. Bucknell, Louis De Soissons and Grey Wornum (from left to right) in the Members' Room of the Architectural AssociationRIBA47118



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