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RIBA7818Chain Pier, Brighton

RIBA11864Boats and small jetty, Sandwick, Unst, Shetland Islands

RIBA14576Harbour, Stonehaven

RIBA16464Harbour and pier, Algiers

RIBA19044Clevedon collapsing pier and pavilion

RIBA33275City of London viewed across the River Thames from the Tate Modern, South Bank, London

RIBA38875Brighton seafront with the pier in the far distance

RIBA42420Brighton beach with the Palace Pier in the background

RIBA47310Beach and Palace Pier, Brighton

RIBA47327Beach and Palace Pier, Brighton

RIBA47506Boat trains at New Pier, Folkestone Harbour Railway Station, Kent

RIBA47688Children feeding the swans at Tower Beach, River Thames, City of London

RIBA47832Festival of Britain pier, South Bank, London

RIBA60330Entrance to the pier, Bournemouth, Dorset

RIBA61270Brighton seafront seen from the West Pier with the Metropole and the Grand hotels prominently in view

RIBA77447East Pier lighthouse, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA77448East pier lighthouse, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA80325Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

RIBA83079Gravesend Railway landing stage, Gravesend

RIBA93779Deal Pier

RIBA93780Deal Pier

RIBA135948Hastings Pier, Hastings

RIBA135949Hastings Pier, Hastings

RIBA135950Hastings Pier, Hastings

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