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RIBA4081Design for a poster for the Central Liquor Control Board entitled 'Use and Beauty' to decorate a pub or canteen, possibly in the Carlisle area

RIBA14516Allen's grocers, 273 Creek Road, Greenwich, London

RIBA17834Fliers posted on an abandoned shopfront in Carnaby Street, London

RIBA28744Berthold Lubetkin displaying the modernist poster designed by himself and Claude Manuel Da Costa, whose shadow is on the right, at L'Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, Paris

RIBA30967Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria

RIBA31178Design for a humorous poster for John Bancroft's Group Show, GLC / ILEA Department of Architecture & Civic Design

RIBA33863British internal air routes for the summer of 1937

RIBA35799Design for an exhibition poster for the Farnham School of Art

RIBA36574Design for a poster showing a bearded man extending his hand to a small naked boy

RIBA41366A doorway covered with posters, Venice

RIBA42530Current Affairs Exhibition at Charing Cross Underground Station, London: 'Democracy' exhibit with drawings by James Boswell

RIBA44765Esso hoarding disguising a bomb site, London

RIBA44769Festival Garden with advertising hoardings disguising a bomb site, Strand, London

RIBA44940Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition bus: the reception bureau on the lower deck of a bus

RIBA55023British Rail travel agency

RIBA55030British Railways Exhibition at the Design Centre, 28 Haymarket, London

RIBA59911Barbican Centre, City of London: model of the cinema foyer

RIBA62604Billboard advertising events at Glazebrook Country Club, Bank Street, Manchester

RIBA62880Barking Town Hall, Town Square, London

RIBA72678British Railways Offices, Queens Road, London: the main entrance to the ticket office

RIBA72680British Railways Offices, Queens Road, London: the ticket office

RIBA74832Air France travel bureau, 158 New Bond Street, London

RIBA86584Daubeny Building, Magdalen College, Oxford: detail of the enclosing wall of the bedroom in one of the studio flats

RIBA125804Design for a poster for the Central Liquor Control Board entitled 'The Early Bird Catches the Worm' to decorate a pub or canteen, possibly in the Carlisle area

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