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RIBA3455-59"Seco" temporary bungalow

RIBA12021A CLASP school, Nottingham

RIBA18305A pair of British Iron and Steel Federation Prototype houses under construction at Northolt, London

RIBA28650'Arcon' temporary prefabricated housing, Long Lane, Croydon, London

RIBA33418AIROH prefabricated house: one of the four sections of the house being erected for an Aluminium Exhibition, behind Selfridge's, London

RIBA33510AIROH prefabricated house and Supermarine Spitfire aeroplane

RIBA52801Architect's studio, Highgate, London

RIBA52802Architect's studio, Highgate, London

RIBA52803Architect's studio, Highgate, London: the living area

RIBA52804Architect's studio, Highgate, London: looking towards the kitchen area

RIBA59991"Seco" temporary bungalows, McLeod Road, Woolwich, London

RIBA59992"Seco" prefabs

RIBA63601Assembly of the CLASP school, XII Triennale, Milan

RIBA75373Anglia House, Haverhill, Suffolk

RIBA75374Anglia House, Haverhill, Suffolk

RIBA75375Anglia House, Haverhill, Suffolk: the ground-floor living room

RIBA76553Barnby Road County Infants School, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire

RIBA76554Barnby Road County Infants School, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire

RIBA86418Barracks, Invicta Park, Maidstone, Kent

RIBA86422Barracks, Invicta Park, Maidstone, Kent: detail of the entrance facade

RIBA86423Barracks, Invicta Park, Maidstone, Kent: the entrance to the junior ranks' mess

RIBA86426Barracks, Invicta Park, Maidstone, Kent

RIBA86433Barracks, Invicta Park, Maidstone, Kent: the canteen

RIBA86434Barracks, Invicta Park, Maidstone, Kent: one of the buildings under construction showing the Nenk method

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