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RIBA4829Chapel of the Peace of God, St Michael's House, Chester Square, London

RIBA8129Catholic Building, 1935 World's Fair, Brussels

RIBA9369Bishop's Palace, Astorga

RIBA9950Christian Science Center and the Prudential Tower, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA10734Abbey church, Jedburgh Abbey

RIBA19637Archibishop's Palace, Southwell, Nottinghamshire

RIBA21794Carmelite Convent of Pont-l'Abbé: study of the east window

RIBA21896Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset: perspective view of the gatehouse, drawbridge and moat

RIBA22307Bishop's Palace, Orvieto: detail of two windows

RIBA29678Campion Hall (Society of Jesus), Brewer Street, Oxford: elevations and section of the north side chapel

RIBA44495Bishop Otter College, Chichester: the chapel seen from the south

RIBA44496Bishop Otter College, Chichester: the chapel

RIBA44497Bishop Otter College, Chichester: steps up to the central court with the small hall and common room on the left

RIBA44498Bishop Otter College, Chichester: the dinning hall on the left and the assembly hall on the right

RIBA44499Bishop Otter College, Chichester: the dining hall

RIBA45414Cathedral Church of All Saints, Khartoum, Sudan: the consecration service inside the Cathedral

RIBA47856Abbot's Lodgings and Courtyard, Westminster Abbey precincts, London

RIBA55495Bara Imambara, Bara Imambara complex, Lucknow

RIBA69696Christian Science Center, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA69697Christian Science Center, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA69698Christian Science Center, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA74235Baptistery of St John, Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa, with the Duomo in the background

RIBA85423Casa del Canonico (?), Padua: front elevation

RIBA113123Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi (Loggia of the Knights of Rhodes), Rome, looking towards the Torre delle Milizie

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