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RIBA13528Arch of Caligula, Vico di Mercurio, Pompeii

RIBA13585Bucolic scene of a thatched cottage and a horse and carriage in spring time

RIBA14222Appleyard's filling station, The Headrow, Leeds

RIBA14668Calton Road and the Regent Bridge, Edinburgh

RIBA15336Carnaby Street, London

RIBA18384Bull Ring shopping centre and the Rotunda, Birmingham

RIBA20615Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, seen from a nearby side street

RIBA23424Access road toThamesmead, Greenwich, London

RIBA25616A corner shop with nearby pedestrian crossing, Pompeii

RIBA30463Allianz Arena at dusk, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30500Castile and Leon conference centre and exhibition hall, Salamanca: glimpse from a side street

RIBA34049Aerial view of an intersection of six roads featuring a large roundabout, New Delhi

RIBA34050Aerial view of a main thoroughfare and surrounding roads with Council House and Secretariat in the background, New Delhi

RIBA34051Aerial view of a large complex of official buildings, New Delhi

RIBA34052Aerial view of housing including a single storey dwelling, New Delhi

RIBA34053Aerial view of Windsor Place, New Delhi

RIBA40877A building defaced by graffiti, Brasilia

RIBA41132Airport and railway interchange with funicular and lifts on three road levels in the futurist city

RIBA47577Buildings scheduled for demolition to make way for Castle Street, Mytongate, Hull

RIBA48156Carfax seen from High Street, Oxford

RIBA53166An imaginary plan of London showing an arrangement of streets etc. that might be desirable if there were no existing buildings

RIBA62281Along the old A10 in Trumpington, Cambridgeshire

RIBA62693Bull Ring shopping centre and market, Birmingham

RIBA81582By-pass, Maidstone, Kent: the dual carrageway

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