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RIBA36739Design for Gatwick Airport: ground floor plan of the terminal building known as 'The Beehive'

RIBA53410Sketches of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Niteroi

RIBA53390Survey drawing of the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London: grand tier plan

RIBA48712Aerial view of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King looking towards the River Mersey, Liverpool

RIBA30459Allianz Arena at dusk, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30456Allianz Arena at dusk, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30458Allianz Arena at dusk, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30457Allianz Arena at dusk, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30463Allianz Arena at dusk, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30462Allianz Arena at sunset, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich

RIBA30460Allianz Arena, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich: detail of stair access

RIBA30461Allianz Arena, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, Munich: view of the pitch from the stands

RIBA16161Altis, Olympia, with the Philippeion in the centre

RIBA22762Anatomy theatre, possibly for the College of Physicians, Amen Corner, London: preliminary design showing the exterior entrance, interior section and plan

RIBA12034Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee

RIBA7942Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum, Rome

RIBA9977Architect's offices, via Ciani 16, Lugano

RIBA27275Arena and Piazza Bra, Verona

RIBA28236Arena, Verona

RIBA5465Arena, Verona

RIBA27763Arena, Verona

RIBA28235Arena, Verona

RIBA61586Ariel Hotel, Bath Road, London Airport

RIBA61588Ariel Hotel, Bath Road, London Airport, seen from the internal courtyard

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