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RIBA10734Abbey church, Jedburgh Abbey

RIBA13826Acropolis and the Temple of Hephaestus, Athens

RIBA13971Abbey of the Saint-Trinite, Beaulieu-les-Loches

RIBA17245Abandoned London house with crumbling porch and dead ivy

RIBA19722Abbey of St Mary and St Chad, Buildwas, Shropshire: the cloister

RIBA19725Acton Burnell Castle, Shropshire

RIBA19751Abbey church, Jedburgh Abbey

RIBA22085Abbey ruin

RIBA25616A corner shop with nearby pedestrian crossing, Pompeii

RIBA27564A backstreet with the remains of a Roman gateway, Avallon, Burgundy

RIBA32018'Afterglow': a view of the Acropolis

RIBA47803Abandoned rail track and tunnel of the Nunhead to Crystal Palace High Level Railway, Dulwich Wood, London

RIBA518189 Harpur Street, London, after bomb damage

RIBA5190035 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, after bomb damage

RIBA74147Abbey on White Island, Lower Lough Erne, County Fermanagh: a doorway

RIBA99127Acropolis, Baalbek: east and west elevations

RIBA99128Acropolis, Baalbek: north and south elevations

RIBA115067Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

RIBA115068Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

RIBA115069Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

RIBA115070Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

RIBA115071Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

RIBA115072Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

RIBA115073Alfred's Hall, Cirencester Park, Cirencester

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