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RIBA6802All Saints, Morston, Norfolk: the chancel and the fifteenth century screen with the four Evangelists painted on the left side and the four Latin doctors of the church on the right

RIBA6884All Saints, Kenton, Devon: detail of the chancel screen with original painted panels and restored rood loft

RIBA9633All Saints, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire: the rood screen

RIBA18663All Saints, Walsoken: screen

RIBA18689All Hallows the Great, Thames Street, City of London: the screen, now in St Margaret Lothbury, looking west

RIBA19407'51 Bar open terrace, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: view towards Houses of Parliament screened by vertical bamboo fencing

RIBA19423Administration Building and 'Abacus' screen of coloured balls flanking Waterloo Road, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA19428'Abacus' screen of coloured balls, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: close-up

RIBA19787'51 Bar, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London, seen from the south-east

RIBA48903All Souls College, Oxford: the chapel

RIBA51193All Saints parish church, Wigan, Lancashire: the screen and pulpit

RIBA58521Aburi Girls' School and Teacher Training College, Aburi: the main entrance to the complex from the east

RIBA58525Aburi Girls' School and Teacher Training College, Aburi: gallery seating in the assembly hall

RIBA76955Acapulco Airport: the main concourse

RIBA100332Albi Cathedral: the choir and rood screen

RIBA100407All Saints, Brixworth, Northamptonshire: the south chancel with rood screen

RIBA102183Adcote, Little Ness, Shrewsbury, Shropshire: the screen and gallery in the main hall

RIBA105401Advertisement showing the carved screen in the Henry Florence Memorial Hall, Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London

RIBA114888Amorbach Abbey, Amorbach: the choir and screen

RIBA114896Amorbach Abbey, Amorbach: the wrought-iron choir screen by Markus Gattinger

RIBA114899Amorbach Abbey, Amorbach: looking west from the choir

RIBA125268(left) Half-elevation of a rusticated opening with a detail of a console drawn within the opening; (right) half-elevation of an entrance (in a screen?) with a semi-circular opening over the doorway

RIBA125665(left) Elevation of part of an entrance screen with half-elevation of square-headed entrance with semi-circular element over, half-elevation of plain arched opening and, below, a rusticated dormer window; (right) half-elevation of an arched entrance with giant keystone, rusticated Doric columns, balustrade above, and, below, a part-plan

RIBA137417All Saints Church, Icklingham, Suffolk: rood screen with 17th century gate

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