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RIBA3116-39"Experiments in Living" exhibition, Maples store, London: "Expando-Space", an expanding adaptable space

RIBA776411 Carlton House and 13-15 Regent Street, London

RIBA7773109-115 Regent Street, London

RIBA7774117-131 Regent Street, London

RIBA7775133-153 Regent Street, London

RIBA7776155-169 Regent Street, London

RIBA779314-16 Regent Street, London

RIBA7802104-120 Regent Street, London

RIBA7803122-132 Regent Street, London

RIBA7804134-154 Regent Street, London

RIBA7805156-176 Regent Street, London

RIBA13580148-150 Fleet Street, City of London

RIBA1497710 St Mary's Hill, Stamford

RIBA279821 Bridge Street, The Cross, Chester, Cheshire

RIBA28004"Experiments in Living" exhibition, Maples store, London: multi-purpose foam block put to various uses

RIBA42222141-143 High Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

RIBA42359(Former) Bedford Park Stores, Bath Road, Bedford Park, Turnham Green, London

RIBA473721 Montpellier Walk, Cheltenham

RIBA1020841 St James's Street (formerly the Alliance Assurance Company building), London

RIBA102295106-104 (l-r), Mount Street, Mayfair, London

RIBA102296106-104 (l-r), Mount Street, Mayfair, London

RIBA103049127-133 Charing Cross Road, London

RIBA103050127-133 Charing Cross Road, London

RIBA103051127-133 Charing Cross Road, London

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